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Posted by Byron Thompson on January 2, 2018

Here’s something I think you’ll find really valuable. This series of blogs is designed to assist you in realizing your full potential and achieving your post age-50 goals.
For those of you that do not know me, I am Byron Thompson, author of a soon to be published book “5000 Years of Wisdom” It is a novel containing the techniques and strategies for achieving happiness and satisfaction in our retirement years. It is a follow-up to my first book; “Build Your Dream: 12 Essential Tools for Successful Living”. ( That book and the new one is based on my life-long study, work and desire to assist the maximum number of people in achieving their full potential.
I’ll be sharing some of the techniques, strategies and tools from my research in the up-coming blogs.
These tools can be used to create your vision of the ideal life after 50 and set your goals for the next ten years.
(Note: There is nothing magic about the age of 50 for a starting point in creating your new vision and goals. We can do it at any age. I just celebrated a birthday on August 28th that is somewhat north of 50. )
I’ve put together a booklet on my preliminary findings on the answers to retirement issues and would be happy to share it with you in hopes that you could provide me with some feedback that I can incorporate in the new book.
Email me at and I’ll forward the booklet to you. Enthusiastically Byron Thompson

Posted by Byron Thompson on December 26, 2017


One of our biggest challenges as we enter into or are in our so called second chapter of life is complacency. The second chapter starts at a different time for each of us. It is when we move from what has been our principal occupation to the next phase in our lives. In interviewing people for my upcoming book, Finding Happiness in Retirement I found many people who did not have a specific plan for the years ahead. They/we have been caught off guard in a way. Those of us who retired at the traditional age of 65 or younger were not aware of the findings at The Stanford Center on Longevity that tells us we can expect an additional 25 to 30 years of life.
For some ideas on enriching our second chapter of life email me and I will send you a free copy of my booklet entitled 5 Keys to Retirement Happiness.

Posted by Byron Thompson on December 22, 2017


What is well-being and how do we know when we get it?
We’ve talked previously about the work University of Pennsylvania’s psychologist Martin Seligman is doing in this area. He uses the handy mnemonic PERMA to remember the 5 elements of Well-Being. Positive emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishment. His excellent book Flourish A visionary understanding of Happiness and Well-Being spells his theory out in detail.
I have as, a non-academician, a lay person’s understanding but a recent experience helped me to get a better grasp on one aspect of it. I suspect it will be helpful to you as well.
The day after Thanksgiving I headed over the health club. When I finished my aerobic and weights work out. I sat down and recorded the experience in my journal. I experienced a sense of satisfaction from doing something good for myself both physically and mentally.
To me that was Well-Being.
Want to know more about achieving a life well lived send for my free booklet. 5 Keys to Retirement Happiness.

Posted by Byron Thompson on December 19, 2017


Certainly, a critical fact in achieving Well-Being in retirement, or for that matter any other time in life, is to keep ourselves open to new learning. I had such an experience this morning. I am currently working with two very talented and intelligent high school seniors. I hired them as Interns to work with me on writing and marketing my new book, 5000 Years of Wisdom Finding Happiness in Retirement.
As I was talking to Edward one day, I wanted him to have a copy of document. I ask him if he wanted me to make a photocopy. He said no and took out his cell phone and took a picture of it.
This morning while visiting an English class at the high school, I noticed an interesting poster on the wall with tips on writing. I thought it would be valuable for me to have it. In the old days I would have asked Mrs. Johnson, the teacher, if she had a copy of it then I remembered the lesson from Edward and took out my cell phone and voila, I have it. The sense of accomplishment was thrilling to me.
The question I would ask you is, “Are you keeping your mind alive by learning new things?”
For more insights on successful living send for my free booklet,5 Keys to Retirement Happiness.

Posted by Byron Thompson on December 15, 2017

You, no doubt, are reading this blog or it was recommended to you by someone who cares about you and your happiness.

The fact that you are reading it tells me that you are success minded.
By success minded I mean that you have a desire to make this second chapter of your life as, or even more satisfying and meaningful than the first chapter.

Because you aspire to a richer fuller more rewarding life, you are taking the most important step to attaining that life. You are thinking about it and presumably, prepared to take action to achieve it.

If you are one of the 10,000 baby boomers who are retiring every day you have a special need for this message….or if you are one of the 35% of pre-retirees surveyed by the Society of Actuaries in 2011 who said they never expect to retire, you’ll find these guidelines extremely valuable.

These blogs are made up of the best and most useful ideas I’ve found in my own retirement and in the men and women I’ve interviewed. The focus of those interviews was to determine what works in this second chapter of life in this changing world.
Their answers make up the content of my soon to be published book; “5000 years of Wisdom Finding Happiness in Retirement.”

E mail me for my free booklet; “Finding Happiness in Retirement.”

Byron Thompson