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  1. If you are at or near the traditional age of retirement, this series of blogs is for you.
    I’ve made a study of what it takes to ensure a rich full and satisfying 2nd chapter of life. In these blogs I’ll be sharing the insights I’ve gained with the hopes they will be of benefit to you.

    I was sitting watching the St. Patrick’s Day parade in our small village here I Southern Arizona. It certainly does not compare with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York. But the enthusiasm of the green clad participants on their bicycles in their golf carts decorated with green crepe paper and ribbons followed by some of the locals on horseback, was just as great. Every year the streets are lined with delight of seeing people engaged in frivolous fun. We often hear of the luck of the Irish. That parade was a reminder to me of how lucky I am with all the blessings in my life. Perhaps we all should remind ourselves on a daily basis of how lucky we all are and count our blessings. This will surely enrich our “Bonus Years.”
    For more ideas on achieving satisfaction in retirement send for my free chapbook, “5 Keys to Finding Happiness in retirement.

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