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If you are at or near the traditional age of retirement, this series of blogs is for you.
I’ve made a study of what it takes to ensure a rich full and satisfying 2nd chapter of life. In these blogs I’ll be sharing the insights I’ve gained with the hopes they will be of benefit to you.

Anna, an attractive out going member of my church, just purchased, Build Your Dream and I was autographing it for her. She said she was going to send it to her granddaughter, I had suggested that in a talk I’d had just given.
Being a traditionalist age wise-70 plus. She said her millennial granddaughter was living on the East Coast, and they didn’t see one another very often, but they talked on the phone regularly. “What do you say after how’s school?” So, I started asking her what she was reading. When she told me, I bought a copy of the book and read it. Then we had something to talk about. That’s what I want to do with your book. I’m going to adopt this idea for myself. How about you?

For more ideas on enriched living in our “bonus years” ask for my free chapbook. 5 keys to retirement happiness.

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