Achieving Goals

March 14, 2018 Byron Thompson No comments exist

If you are at or near the traditional age of retirement, this series of blogs is for you.
I’ve made a study of what it takes to ensure a rich full and satisfying 2nd chapter of life. In these blogs I’ll be sharing the insights I’ve gained with the hopes they will be of benefit to you.

A young entrepreneur asked me How do I achieve my goals. I thought my answer to her would be useful for you. The ideal method of Achieving what we want is to, first, create a vision of the conditions we want.
In talking to a couple of people recently they said, “I tried that and that bogged down because all I could see was the amount of work it would take to achieve it.
I could relate because I have been paralyzed in the past and I formulated a technique that worked for me. Ask yourself not what lies in the distant future but what’s one realistic condition or thing that you would like to have tomorrow? Briefly write your answers in your iPad or journal to the questions.
Once you have answered this; Ask what is one thing I can do today to ensure that happens?
Example: I want to be energetic and healthy. I can prepare for that short term by going to bed earlier or skip dessert or the second glass of wine.
“Life by the yard is hard, Life by the inch is a cinch.”
Bonus step record your successes. Super bonus step: Report your intention and success to a person you would not want to disappoint.

For more ideas on enriched living in our “bonus years” ask for my free chapbook. 5 keys to retirement happiness.

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