A life worth remembering #2

February 8, 2018 Byron Thompson No comments exist

If you are at or near the traditional age of retirement, this series of blogs is for you.

I’ve made a study of what it takes to ensure a rich full and satisfying 2nd chapter of life. In these blogs I’ll be sharing the insights I’ve gained with the hopes they will be of benefit to you.

I spoke of Martin Seligman’s “Well-Being” in my previous blog post.

He suggests that the components of this condition leading to a life worth remembering are positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning and accomplishment.

Those conditions enable a person to, flourish; the title of Seligman’s 2011 book. It gives us some invaluable insights into the path to achieving a life worth remembering.

For me I found by looking at my daily activities and reviewing my past successes and failures I was able to develop a deeper understanding of the role of those well-being components in my own life. Seligman provides a handy pneumonic, PERMA to remember his flourishing components.

Perhaps you can also look at activities both present and past to enrich your own life.

For more ideas on enriched living in our “bonus years” ask for my free chapbook. 5 keys to retirement happiness.

Byron Thompson


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