January 9, 2018 Byron Thompson No comments exist

The Rotary Club of which I’m a member here in Tubac Az conducted a very successful Fund Raiser on January 1st.

It was a 5 club only Golf event, with prizes for hit low scores and other achievements. We raised about $6,500 and 100% of the proceeds go to sponsor a camp for young people in the area.

The golfers all had fun. The Amado young people who attended were thrilled to be on the receiving end of the community’s generosity.

But, in my opinion, the big winners were the Rotarians who organized and hosted the event. We all came away with a feeling of having achieved a worthwhile and meaningful result.

The happiness in Retirement lesion is clear for all of us. Instead of fidgeting until we die as Martin Seligman advises us to avoid, let’s talk for the kind of activities that gives meaning to our lives.

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