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Here’s something I think you’ll find really valuable. This series of blogs is designed to assist you in realizing your full potential and achieving your post age-50 goals.
For those of you that do not know me, I am Byron Thompson, author of a soon to be published book “5000 Years of Wisdom” It is a novel containing the techniques and strategies for achieving happiness and satisfaction in our retirement years. It is a follow-up to my first book; “Build Your Dream: 12 Essential Tools for Successful Living”. (BuildYourDreamTheBook.com) That book and the new one is based on my life-long study, work and desire to assist the maximum number of people in achieving their full potential.
I’ll be sharing some of the techniques, strategies and tools from my research in the up-coming blogs.
These tools can be used to create your vision of the ideal life after 50 and set your goals for the next ten years.
(Note: There is nothing magic about the age of 50 for a starting point in creating your new vision and goals. We can do it at any age. I just celebrated a birthday on August 28th that is somewhat north of 50. )
I’ve put together a booklet on my preliminary findings on the answers to retirement issues and would be happy to share it with you in hopes that you could provide me with some feedback that I can incorporate in the new book.
Email me at tubachouse.com and I’ll forward the booklet to you. Enthusiastically Byron Thompson

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