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What is well-being and how do we know when we get it?
We’ve talked previously about the work University of Pennsylvania’s psychologist Martin Seligman is doing in this area. He uses the handy mnemonic PERMA to remember the 5 elements of Well-Being. Positive emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishment. His excellent book Flourish A visionary understanding of Happiness and Well-Being spells his theory out in detail.
I have as, a non-academician, a lay person’s understanding but a recent experience helped me to get a better grasp on one aspect of it. I suspect it will be helpful to you as well.
The day after Thanksgiving I headed over the health club. When I finished my aerobic and weights work out. I sat down and recorded the experience in my journal. I experienced a sense of satisfaction from doing something good for myself both physically and mentally.
To me that was Well-Being.
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