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Certainly, a critical fact in achieving Well-Being in retirement, or for that matter any other time in life, is to keep ourselves open to new learning. I had such an experience this morning. I am currently working with two very talented and intelligent high school seniors. I hired them as Interns to work with me on writing and marketing my new book, 5000 Years of Wisdom Finding Happiness in Retirement.
As I was talking to Edward one day, I wanted him to have a copy of document. I ask him if he wanted me to make a photocopy. He said no and took out his cell phone and took a picture of it.
This morning while visiting an English class at the high school, I noticed an interesting poster on the wall with tips on writing. I thought it would be valuable for me to have it. In the old days I would have asked Mrs. Johnson, the teacher, if she had a copy of it then I remembered the lesson from Edward and took out my cell phone and voila, I have it. The sense of accomplishment was thrilling to me.
The question I would ask you is, “Are you keeping your mind alive by learning new things?”
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