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You, no doubt, are reading this blog or it was recommended to you by someone who cares about you and your happiness.

The fact that you are reading it tells me that you are success minded.
By success minded I mean that you have a desire to make this second chapter of your life as, or even more satisfying and meaningful than the first chapter.

Because you aspire to a richer fuller more rewarding life, you are taking the most important step to attaining that life. You are thinking about it and presumably, prepared to take action to achieve it.

If you are one of the 10,000 baby boomers who are retiring every day you have a special need for this message….or if you are one of the 35% of pre-retirees surveyed by the Society of Actuaries in 2011 who said they never expect to retire, you’ll find these guidelines extremely valuable.

These blogs are made up of the best and most useful ideas I’ve found in my own retirement and in the men and women I’ve interviewed. The focus of those interviews was to determine what works in this second chapter of life in this changing world.
Their answers make up the content of my soon to be published book; “5000 years of Wisdom Finding Happiness in Retirement.”

E mail me for my free booklet; “Finding Happiness in Retirement.”

Byron Thompson

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