Finding Happiness in Retirement

December 12, 2017 Byron Thompson No comments exist

A question I hear frequently is, “Should I work now that I’ve reached the age of retirement?

Work: “Anything you are doing when you’d rather be doing something else.”

Humor: One retiree sez to another;” I go fishing in a well in my backyard every day.”
Retiree #2 “Do you ever catch anything?”
Retiree #1 No, but it sure is convenient.”

So, unless our post-work activity is an absolute passion, aside from the convenience of not having to think, we might not be getting the most that life has to offer.
Like many people, I thought retirement was the idyllic condition of living the “good life”. I’d planned, worked for, and achieved this good life by using the tools I’d learned during my career in management and leadership training and development.
I knew from the failures I’d observed what success was not. It was not Thoreau’s, “life of quiet desperation” with one going to their grave with their “song unsung.”
It was living fully while using all of one’s talents to live a worthwhile life. Hadn’t I done that? Hadn’t I paid my dues?
I’d found my purpose. I’d sung my song or so I thought. But there was a quiet nagging in the back of my mind that I was feeling during my reveries on these wonderful evenings watching the magic of the setting sun. I kept hearing a little voice in the back of my mind repeating the opening lines of Robert W. Service’s poem, The Spell of the Yukon.
“I wanted the gold and I sought it;
I scrabbled and mucked like a slave.
Was it famine or scurvy-I fought it;
I hurled my youth into a grave.
I wanted the gold and I got it-
Came out with a fortune last fall.
Yet life’s not what I thought it,
and somehow the gold isn’t all.”
We will explore together, in these blogs, what Service was talking about and what I’ve learned from my own experience and others that will provide you with the richness of life to which I’m referring.
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Byron Thompson

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