What do I do now that I’ve retired ?

December 8, 2017 Byron Thompson No comments exist

Successfully Living in the 2nd Chapter of Life.

Now what? Is the question I asked myself as I sat contemplating my future after my own retirement. I’ve since discovered that most people are asking the same question in one form or another.
Some have found the answer and are enjoying a happy joy filled second chapter in their lives.

The purpose of this series of blogs is to help you to answer that critical question for yourself and make your retirement a full rich and rewarding experience.

On many occasions, I’d sit with my wife, Patricia and friends enjoying a glass of wine, watching the sun set into the Pacific Ocean from the front deck of our house. More than once, I’d made the observation that, “None of us know how many sunsets we have left”. (I don’t always wax that philosophical but a good glass of Oregon Pinot Noir will do that to you.)
I never intend for that observation to be dismal or lugubrious but rather as a reminder of the specialness of the present experience.
As my golfing buddy, Mike, puts it “Life is too short to not do the things we enjoy doing.”
I did find that most people can only play golf or go fishing for just so long before it becomes a habit or a routine and like any other and loses its allure. It becomes no different than having a job. It is like work.

I’ve made it my work in this the second chapter of my life assist the maximum number of you, who are in, or entering into retirement to make these the best years of your life.

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